Draw and change your perspective


Supplies: white cardboard about 12” X 8” of bigger – 2 pieces of the same size

Medium of your chose: crayons, pastels, markers or a combination of all!

Step 1   - Drawing chaos

Find a quiet place to work and give yourself at least a half an hour for the exercise. Sit quietly and take a few calming breaths to centre yourself and become present for the exercise. When you feel ready to begin you are going to ask yourself “What does my ‘chaos’ looks like? What does it feel like?” Begin to draw without censoring what comes intuitively to you. Choose colors that you are immediately drawn to. Don’t be afraid to really let go and draw your ‘worst case scenario”!! it’s funny how easy it is for us to do. You don’t have to be a good drawer and you don’t even have to make recognizable images just let go and put whatever marks you can on your first board that feels like you are showing yourself what your chaos looks like.


Step 2: - Drawing comfort

Take a few moments to observe the image that you just made. What does it say about the chaos that you can sense and access in your life? What did it feel like to let it go? What does it feel like to see this visual representation of it? You may want to wait before you engage in the next exercise and just appreciate that you were indeed able to draw out your chaos without any problem, as if you know that state of being, well….When you feel ready to start the second part of the exercise take your second piece of cardboard. You are now going to ask yourself the question “What does my best place, my comfort place, my nirvana, my OM place look and feel like.” Draw this out now using images and colors that come to you intuitively. Let go to what you know feels right and comfortable and beautiful to you. You alone can draw out that unique space that gives you comfort, joy and solace.  Again, it does not have to be anything recognizable it can simply be colours.


Step 3: - Throwing your perception, embracing your intentions and choosing to change your perspective

Take your first drawing of chaos and now carve out a small peep hole in the centre of the cardboard by piercing the centre of it and then enlarging it slightly so that you can see through the hole. Now hold this cardboard that you have made a hole in, just in front of your eyes and with your other hand hold up the second cardboard of your comfort apart a foot further away from the first one. You are now casting your gaze through your chaos to your comfort. The purpose of the exercise is to show you that you can draw out your chaos just as easily as you can draw out your comfort place and by choosing to cast your gaze to your comfort place versus your chaos you can easily change your perspective.  It is really a choice that we make and a practice to constantly choose which of the two we would rather live in. This visual exercise is fun to do as it can be a physical and emotional release to practice let go and trusting the process of accepting whatever comes to the surface. It is our own personal language and message to ourselves about what we hold inside.

try this at home





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