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The Arts and Health Training Program
ongoing enrolment -  group or one to one basis  

The Arts and Health Training Program explores the arts and health movement and is designed to educate individuals in the understanding and delivery of visual arts based interventions and or programming to promote health through self-discovery and self-knowledge. The program consists of a total of 60 + in-person classroom hours and 20 personal hours. The training format places significant emphasis on hands on-practice.



Our program is life transforming


Testimonials:  "Although I have been working in expressive arts for many years , I grew professionally, as well as personally, by taking the Arts and Health Training Program.  I had opportunities to try new media which I had not previously considered using.  I also learned a questioning technique which will help me a lot in my work with clients.  In addition, I learned several things about myself which, again, will benefit the people I work with as an expressive arts practitioner." Jadzia Romaniec

The Art for Health class has been an invaluable tool for removing 'blocks' of self-doubt and self- criticism. I learned the importance of trust, the wonder of intuitive drawing, the discovery of the childlike aptitude for creativity. Suzanne Valois'  class and her methods, led me in a step-by-step approach to appreciate my 'natural' art. This class has also served to help me accept my 'style', and test my 'artistic voice' and I have gained new confidence in this. I am truly grateful for this experience and to Suzanne, for being there to open that door. Sincerely Christine Lenoir Godin











This unique Arts and Health Training course examines the new interest in the relationship between arts and health. It is designed to educate individuals in the understanding and delivery of visual arts based programming to promote health through self-discovery and self-knowledge.


The program consists of a total of 80 + in-person classroom hours and 20 personal hours. The course outline is designed to give you the tools you need to incorporate visual arts and health programming into your work and is divided into 7 modules. The course is designed to run over 7 weekends so that it can be managed with family and work schedules in mind (please note that there is also the option of offering additional/alternative weekday sessions as well).


To gain an understanding of the movement of arts and health we begin by exploring its philosophy and development. This will be followed by two sessions at the National Gallery of Canada where we will explore artistic visual expression, learning strategies and teaching techniques. Two weekends are dedicated to the exploration of art materials and programming respectively. To further hone your teaching skills we will practice with peers and in situ sessions. In order for participants to round out their studies we will also take a look at self care practices as well as other modalities used for self-expression.


     Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure that each participant can develop their own abilities and strengths as well as forge trust and fellowship with course participants. This course offers you the opportunity to create a solid foundation for proactice and teaching and become part of the growing community of individuals dedicated to the practice of arts and health.


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For immediate questions or to register in person

call Suzanne Valois 613 747-7178 or email 



The arts can be used in the design & delivery of health promotion programs to address personal, social, & environmental factors that impact the health & wellbeing of individuals & communities. Arts Health Network Canada



This course was developed to meet the expressed needs of support workers (social workers, counselors, recreational facilitators) and individuals who have participated in Arts and Health courses, and those who wish to further their understanding, knowledge and ability to facilitate arts and health programming.



  • Foundations of arts and health  

  • Cultural relevance of arts and health practice 

  • Creativity strategies and assisted learning models 

  • Discovery and exploration of art materials 

  • Develop capacity for creative programming 

  • Skills to create safe and inspiring art classes

  • Hands on assisting 

  •  Methods of deepening your personal practice 

  • Relaxation & meditation techniques 

  • Deepen understanding of how the arts help build community 

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