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Moving Gently through our Challenging Times

A visual journaling workshop to centre youself


Since March 2020 we have been living through and in, chaotic times. It has given rise to an unprecedented opportunity for self reflection and awareness of our ability to be with, and in, ourselves.


Join me in a virtual course to make personal meaning of it all. As we slowly move out of this intense period, let's reflect on the past year. Looking back, what thoughts and insights have you had about yourself? how has it shaped you? What will we take forward and what will be cast off?

I invite you to create visual journey of your Covid experience: from your initial reactions to where you want to go from here. Over the course of six weekly, two hour virtual sessions, you will engage in visual journaling. Based on the book Painting Yourself Out of a Corner by Barabra Diane Barry, we will use guided questions, intuitive exercises, watercolour paints and pen to express ourselves. No previous experience is needed. This is not a class designed to teach painting skills but rather to use lines, dots and simple renderings to help you uncover what you hold inside. Putting down on paper what you have been through and where you are going materializes what has often felt like an 'unreal' time in our history. Create your own visual journal of the joys, fears, anger, love, in essence , all that you have experienced. It will give you some clarity, respite and perspective on your personal journey through this past year. 


This course is limited to 10 participants as the exchange of your thoughts and feelings (should you choose to share them), contributes to making meaning of your experiences and those of others. This may have been a time of isolation but it has highlightes more than ever our need to be in community.



Note watercolour paper and paints required, see list and accomodations for those who need help purchasing their supplies 



This is a visual approach to journaling that teaches you how to let go of expected results and dive into your visual bank of images to develop an intuitive approach to problem solving. Simple techniques will get you unstuck by building one image onto another to arrive at, often times, surprising revelations. Whether you are in a creative field or not this method is something that many adopt as a daily practice for meditative and relaxation purposes as well as using as a reference much like a written journal. The approach will push your boundaries of what it is to work intuitively and really 'look' at the images that emerge.




Most Classes are designed for beginner and intermediate students. Classes are paced as an average - lots of individual attention is given to each student in my classes. I strive to push those who are more advance and encourage those who are new.  Please double check description to match for best level. 

Moving Gently through our Challenging Times

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  • Virtual gathering 10 people max. If for some reaon Ottawa/Gatineau is in lockdown again and you have not managed to purchase your supplies let me know and I can deliver the supplies to your home being completely aware of the protocols and safety of Covid requirements and considerations.

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