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Uncover and value your authentic voice through Creative Expression for personal and global wellbeing.


Offering thematic courses, workshops and retreats for individuals and groups in private and organizational settings. 

Discover your own voice or help others discover their voice through art training and interventions that develop empathy and understanding  

Creative Expression is an approach to artwork that allows your creativity to become deeply authentic therefore a truer reflection of what you hold inside.

By becoming more conscious of your thoughts and feelings you also become aware that you have choices. Our power to make choices enables us to shape our life, work and, ultimately, our communities and our world.



Like yoga and meditation, Creative Expression is recognized by the medical community and by complimentary alternative medicine as a holistic approach to wellbeing. Used as a tool for self discovery, managing stress, gaining new insights and perspectives it can be applied to every aspect of your life because it involves becoming more conscious of where you are at and what you are bringing into your life.


SERVICES With a gentle, light hearted and compassionate approach I offer coaching and guidance through the art making process while fostering a relaxed meditative environment.


Choose from a variety of themed courses, workshops and retreats where you can experience a wide range of art mediums like drawing, painting, paper or clay. Working in a supportive group setting, each participant is encouraged to share their discoveries. It is an opportunity for self reflection, to be heard and supported through your creative explorations and encouraged to embrace your uniqueness.

students' work created in workshops

children, youth, adults and seniors

What does it mean to be human and how can art and wellness help our communities and society?

How are creativity and self expression related to health and wellbeing?




Articles Sage-ing Magazine


ARTFUL MEDICINE:  Suzanne Valois

 pages 9- 14

Episode of I Am Alive

Interview with Suzanne Valois






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